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The Shooters Box - 12 Ga to 17 HMR Shotgun Adapter - 2.75" Smooth Bore Chamber Reducer - Stainless Steel

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Product Description

12GA to 17HMR - SMOOTH Bore Shotgun Adapter

  • Designed for break-open style shotguns 
  • Precision machined from stainless steel
  • Proudly made in the USA

This adapter gives your 12 Gauge single or double shot  break open shotgun the ability to fire 17HMR ammunition (Hornaday Magnum Rifle).  This adapter is precision machined from high quality stainless steel to the OD specifications of a 2 3/4 12GA shotgun shell.  It will easily fit into your break open shotgun barrel  and accept any 17HMR ammunition.  After firing simply remove the adapter and tip upside down to remove the spent 17 HMR shell or use your finger nail to grab and remove the shell while the adapter stays in your gun.  The wide groove cut in the face will not only allow you to easily remove a spent shell but also provides a recessed clearance area for your firing pin.  Adapters that don't have this recessed area (or recessed area in the wrong spot)  do not provide the proper clearance for your firing pin and may damage your shotgun.  A SMOOTH bore is reamed through the adapter for the bullet.

This adapter has a SMOOTH bore, this in NOT a rifled bore adapter, again this adapter has a smooth bore.  The 17 HMR cartridge side is precision CNC machined to the exact chamber dimensions to accept 17HMR ammunition (SAAMI chamber specifications).

Adapter orientation is not important and the adapter will work in any position. 
Made in the USA on American machines by American workers  ......... support USA made products and companies!
Will fit any break open shotgun with 2 3/4" or 3" chambers
Perfect for 'Preppers' or your Bug Out Bags.  Carry one gun and have the ability to shoot not only 12GA shells but also 17HMR ammunition.
Surprisingly accurate!

DO NOT use in pump action or semi-auto shotguns.  Designed for use with break-open style shotguns only. The risk is that the bullet could fall out of the adapter causing a dangerous result. Also, it could damage the adapter upon ejection. Do not dry fire your shotgun with this adapter. Dry firing is firing your shotgun with the adapter in the chamber and without a 17HMR cartridge in the adapter.

Any ammunition pictured is for representation purposes only and is not included with this purchase.

We've test fired these rifled adapters and they are surprisingly accurate!