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About Us

Prophet River Holdings was started in 1994 by Clayton Smiley and was responsible for establishing websites for outfitters in North America. Business picked up and two years later Clay sold off the contents of Prophet River to other companies and was then left with an empty vessel. 

   Clay always wanted a Cooper Rifle and was unable to find it in Canada. It was then that he decided to look into importing a Cooper from the United States.  So in 2002 Clay decided he would import a Cooper Model 57 -22 Long Rifle for himself. He went through all the necessary paperwork and was successful bringing his 22LR across the border. Clay was quite content with being able to import firearms for himself and for his friends, never thinking much of it.

   While Clay continued to import for friends, it soon became importing for friends of friends and so on. Not long after that he realized that there was really no other company offering this service to customers in Canada. Thus, in January 2008 Prophet River Holdings was reborn as a Canadian Firearms Business.

   The company Prophet River and name Clayton Smiley continued to grow through the Firearm Industry as an importing company. It was in July 2008 when Clay decided that he would expand his business farther by carrying a few firearms in inventory.

   Prophet River has now grown into a major retailer of firearms, optics and accessories serving all of Canada. The company is still owned and run by Clayton Smiley, with staff who are as passionate about the outdoors, as the clientele we serve. 

   Prophet River Firearms is dedicated to serving a unique and primarily untouched market.  There are very few companies in the Canadian firearms industry that offer the line of products and services that Prophet River is proud to provide our customers. We offer distinctive and quality products with competitive pricing.

   Our company specializes in importing firearms from the United States of America. We pride ourselves in making this process easy for our customers.  We do all the appropriate paperwork on both sides of the border in order to legally get the firearm into Canada and into our customer’s hands. We also take care of registering the firearm and transferring to your PAL/FAC, before shipping them by mail, courier or bus to our customers.

   We continue to carry quality and unique brands, hard to find calibres, rare firearms and special editions. And more recently, through our distributors, we can offer exclusive custom orders to our customers from time to time.  We provide our clients with a level of service not offered at the ‘big box’ outdoor stores.  Our goal is to provide topnotch service with our exceptional products.

   With our expanding company we are proud to announce that we have moved into a new retail store located in downtown Lloydminster, Alberta. This will allow our company to have more stock on hand and on display for our customers.  As well, as create a more efficient workspace for our employees to better meet our customers needs.

   We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your needs. And if you are in the Lloydminster area we hope to see you at our new location.