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Nightforce - ATACR - 4-20x50mm - FFP - ZeroStop - .1 Mil-Radian - Digillum - PTL - Mil-C Ret - C643

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Product Description

The 4-20x50 F1 fills an important magnification range in the ATACR line. Equally at home atop a bolt action or a semi-automatic rifle, the 4-20x50 F1 is smaller and lighter than the 5-25x56 F1 while offering a 25% improvement in magnification over the 4-16x42 F1. With Digillum, a ZeroStop turret, power throw lever, ED lenses, and 20x max magnification, the ATACR 4-20x50 F1 is our apex mid-power scope.

Magnification Range - 4-20x
Focal Plane - First Focal Plane (F1/FFP)
Body Tube Diameter - 34mm
Overall Length - 13.9 in/353 mm
Mounting Length - 4.1 in/104 mm
Weight - 35.2 oz/998 g
Click Value - .250 MOA or .1 MRAD
Internal Adjustment Range - E: 130 MOA/38 MRAD
                                        - W: 100 MOA/29 MRAD
Parallax Adjustment - 11 yd–∞
Eye Relief - 3.5 in/90 mm
Field of View @ 100 yd/m - 4x: 23.6 ft/7.9 m
                                      - 20x: 6.1 ft/2.0 m
Exit Pupil - 4x: 8.3 mm
              - 20x: 2.5 mm
Illumination - DigIllum™
Elevation Feature - ZeroStop®
Power Throw Lever - Standard

MIL-C™ F1 Reticle

Designed to meet the needs of today’s Precision Rifle Series competitor, the MIL-C™ reticle allows for fast and accurate shots on target. The MIL-C™ has a simple center dot for a fine aiming point, while the main lines feature .2 Mil-Radian holds. Each whole Mil-Radian is numbered for fast reference under even stressful conditions. 

Range estimation

The Nightforce MIL-C™ reticle can provide you with an accurate distance to your target, when the size of the target is known, by utilizing one of the the following Mil relation formulas:

  • (Target Size in Inches ÷ Image Size Measured in Mils in Reticle) x 27.77 = Distance in Yards
  • (Target Size in Inches ÷ Image Size Measured in Mils in Reticle) x 25.4 = Distance in Meters
  • (Target Size in Centimeters ÷ Image Size Measured in Mils in Reticle) x 10.93 = Distance in Yards
  • (Target Size in Centimeters ÷ Image Size Measured in Mils in Reticle) x 10 = Distance in Meters

For example, a standard stop sign measures 30” tall x 30” wide. Knowing the size of the target, in this case, a stop sign, and applying the correct formula above, you will be able to accurately calculate the distance to your target.

  1. Known target size = 30”
  2. Image size = 2.5 Mils. To measure image size of target in Mils, refer to the reticle diagram above.
  3. Divide target size (30”) by image size in reticle (2.5) = 12
  4. For distance in yards, multiply 12 x 27.77 (constant) = 333.24 yards to target.
  5. For distance in meters, multiply 12 x 25.4 (constant) = 304.8 meters to target.

Your ability to accurately measure your target in your reticle does take some practice to become proficient.