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NHL Hockey Pool - Invite Info


Welcome to the 5th Annual Prophet River NHL Regular Season
Hockey Pool!!   2017-2018 Season.


Hello Customer


This is your official Invite to our Free Hockey Pool.  Once again we will be giving away some great prizes at absolutely no cost to our customers to enter.  Simply make your picks and follow along as the season progresses to see how you make out.  Three times throughout the year the team with the most points at that point in the season will be given a $100 gift card to our store.  The overall leader at the end of the season will receive a $200 Gift Card. 

All entries must be received before the deadline of 9am Mountain time on Wed, Oct 4th.

Round winners will be awarded on the following dates:
Nov 20
Jan 2
Feb 19
and the Grand prize will be awarded on April 11

Here is your Invite Link.

Once signed up, bookmark our page here to follow the pool stats and to see how all the teams are currently ranked.

If you are already a member at "Office Pools" from one of our previous pools you may sign in and create your team in this years pool.  If you are not a member you will need to sign up and agree to the "Office Pool" terms before you may create your team.

You may edit your account and turn off the emails from office pools if you wish as Prophet River will send out an email announcing the winning team after each round.  Many people leave the settings on.

Winners of each round will be notified via email.  In event of a tie Prophet River will pick one winner at random and only they will be notified.  Gift Card prizes are only redeemable on our merchandise and will not be paid out as cash.  Prophet River reserves the right to make adjustments to rules and or prizes of this promotion as needed. 

Please limit your entries to one per person.  Duplicate entries will disqualify you and I will remove ALL your teams.

This invite is being sent out to our contest group list.  If however you see this invite via a friend/Facebook/Twitter/Web then please feel free to create a team using the above link.  However, due to Canada's anti spam laws you must be part of our Contest Group by the time the pool starts or your team will be removed.

Please see this page on our site for details on how to sign up or change your group membership.


Good Luck!