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Berger - 25 Cal - 115 Gr - Match VLD Hunting - 100ct - 25513

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Product Description

Every bullet Berger makes is produced to the same Match Grade standards. This includes using the highest quality material and tooling, while at the same time focusing their attention on the details that are critical to making dimensionally consistent bullets.

The Hunting bullet line is made up of Match Grade bullets with quickly lethal terminal performance. These bullets penetrate through the first 2” to 5” of tissue and bone. Once deep inside the vitals it will shed 40% to 90% of its mass as fragments. This energy dump causes massive hydrostatic shock. This shock and the fragments produce tremendous internal tissue damage. The animal may not drop in its tracks but it can’t go far with this much internal damage. Berger’s match grade approach and sleek designs also make these bullets effectively lethal at close and extended ranges.

The VLD (Very Low Drag), Match Grade bullets features a secant ogive (nose) which is proven to be the most efficient shape for the highest external ballistic performance. The length of the nose will impact the effectiveness of the overall bullet performance. VLDs are typically the highest BC bullets. They have a tendency to be sensitive to seating depth, but they can be tuned for ultimate precision. For instructions on tuning the VLD bullet in your rifle, refer to our website or loading manual.

Recommended Twist: 1 in 10" Twist or faster
Optimal Twist: 1 in 9.3"

G1 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.483 
G7 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.247