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Importing - Rifles and Handguns

How to Import ...
Rifle Actions
Rifle Parts
Handgun Parts
From the USA to Canada
With Prophet River Firearms


Always re-download the importing package and re-read this page.  The info has changed several times and some people are still using expired info.  You may be in danger of NOT receiving your items.  We are not responsible for items that do not make it to our FFL.


Please read the following Terms and Conditions about Prophet River's Importing:  Timeframe, Prices, and Rules. If you understand and accept these Terms and Conditions proceed to Step 1 of the Importing Process.  





Importing any of the above products with Prophet River Firearms takes 8-12 weeks (56-84 days/2-3 months) from the moment your packaged product arrives at our licensed FFL Dealer - Borderview LLC, in Lynden Washington, USA. The average time frame is 10 weeks. 

Once the product arrives at our licensed FFL Dealer, Borderview LLC in Lynden Washington, it is now in our possession, and we are able to begin the necessary procedures for your product to legally cross the border. After 8-12 weeks the product will arrive at Prophet River, Lloydminster, and we will notify you immediately. This time frame can vary depending on the firearm and how quickly the government agencies on both sides of the border process applications.  In no way can we speed up the process for "special circumstances," as many of these processing procedures are beyond our control.






New process for rifle/handgun imports


When you find an item in the US that you would like to purchase, please fill out and submit the following form. Within a few days we will contact you with a quote for your import which will include our import fee, taxes, shipping, and a 10% buy on your behalf fee. For higher value items ($3000+) contact us first for a custom fee. Once we receive payment on the invoice our exporter will order the item and we will start the import process. It takes approximately 8 weeks from the time the item arrives at our FFL dealer before we have it here at our shop. At that time, we will contact you to confirm shipping details and then ship out your item. Please email any questions to importing@prophetriver.com.


Our import fees are as follows:


Complete rifles/handguns/actions- $250 each


Barrels, stocks, ammunition & other parts- $50 per line item


Online form- personal info & line for including a link to the product







Q. Product Each Product
1 Rifle/Rifle Action $250/each
1 Handgun/Handgun Action $250/each
1 Rifle Part (Barrel, Stock, etc.) $50/each
1 Handgun Parts (Barrel, Grip, etc.) $50/each
?*    Misc. Parts (Ammo, Brass, Magazines, etc.) $50/per line item*                                                         


* "$50/per line item" - This means that we charge a $50 importing fee for each Rifle Part/Handgun Part/Misc. Part item that we record on its own line on our Customs Declaration Forms.  We are required to use a new line for each and every separate SKU or part.  For example if you were to bring in 10 boxes of brass from the same manufacturer and all one size of brass, the fee would be $50.  But if you were to bring in 5 boxes of 30-06 brass and 5 boxes of 270 brass both from the same manufacturer, the fee would then be $100 as it would be two separate SKU's and two separate line items.

Please note that Ammo must be shipped via Purolator resulting in added cost vs Canada Post.



1st Payment Pay Fee To    Type Of Fee                                                             $                  
  The Seller Price of the Product $ varied cost
                                     Shipping Fee from the Seller to Our FFL Location in the USA
$ varied cost


2nd Payment Pay Fee To     Type Of Fee                                                               $                   
  Prophet River Importing Fee $250/$50
    Shipping Fee from Prophet River, Lloydminster to your House $ varied cost
    Provincial Tax (GST/HST) of the subtotal (importing fee + shipping fee) 5% - 13% 

Duty (% of the product)

Guns & Parts made in North America,  0%

Made outside North America
Guns,  3.5%
Parts & Ammunition, up to 17%

0% - 17%           


Payment to Prophet River is due after you have received notification that your item(s) have arrived in our Lloydminster store.  Your Item(s) will be shipped once payment has been received.



RESPONSIBILITY: You are responsible to track your package from the point of purchase (the Seller's Location) until we receive the package at our FFL Dealer Location in the USA. At the time of arrival, it is then our responsibility. 

STATUS UPDATES: We are unable to provide you with status updates of your import. This is due to the fact that we have no means to track your import as it goes through multiple processes and locations. Movement from location to location, and processing, take various amounts of time based on all of the associated parties. Therefore, we are unable to notify you where it is at every exact moment.

IMPORT ANXIETY: We know that you are anxious to get your items but the more emails/calls that we take simply impedes our ability to get items processed and sent out the door. Please refrain from emailing/calling to ask about your items until ten weeks after your original tracking shows that we received it at our FFL Dealer.  We do over two hundred imports a month and fielding calls for ten weeks can take up a good portion of our time.

Please read all instructions below, thoroughly.

If you have any more unanswered questions, please email our importing specialist at importing@prophetriver.com, as they are best reached by email.

- - - 

If you agree to the above prices, timeframes, and rules, please proceed to STEP 1 of your import. 


STEP 1: Purchasing the Product       



i.  Find the product that you would like to import at a US Retailer or US Private Party (a.k.a. “the Seller”).

NOTE: Prophet River is legally unable to import the following products: Magazines that are not properly limited to Canadian capacity requirements (in some cases our FFL's gunsmith can limit them for a fee), parts/components for any machine gun, full-auto (even when converted to semi-auto) or firearm greater than .50 cal., and/or Prohibited firearms or Prohibited devices.



i.  Tell the Seller that:

+ you are a Canadian Resident

+ you are importing this product through Prophet River Firearms, Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada

+ Prophet River has a licensed FFL Dealer, Borderview LLC in Lynden, Washington, USA.

ii.  Ask the Seller if they are ABLE to ship the product to our FFL Dealer on your behalf. 

iii.   It is your responsibility to speak to the Seller about STEP 1 A,B,C. Prophet River does not speak to any Sellers, no matter the situation. You are responsible to get the product to our FFL Dealer, and from there on, we are responsible for the product. 

NOTE: If the Seller is unwilling to sell the product to you (i.e. because you are Canadian Resident, etc.) Prophet River is unable to purchase the product for you, and you must look for a new Seller.



i.  Purchase the product from the Seller, paying them for the cost of the product and the cost of shipping the product from their location to our FFL Dealer Location in the USA.



STEP 2: Completing The Import Paperwork - For The Seller, Prophet River, and Yourself



i.  Click on the pdf link below to open the "Prophet River - Borderview LLC - Importing Package" (which will hereinafter be referred to as "Importing Information Package"). This package must be forwarded to the seller so that they know where to ship your product.


{Importing Information Package - Borderview LLC}


ii.  Right-click on the page to save it to your computer, and/or right-click to print. 

iii.  Forward (via fax or email) the "Importing Information Package" to the Seller

+ Page 4 Firearms Transfer Form: the Seller must fill this form out COMPLETELY. There may be a $50 charge if the form is not filled out.



i.  You must make sure that the Seller packages your purchased product in a good quality cardboard box or gun case. Poor packaging may result in a $50 re-packing fee and may slow down your import.

ii.  After the product is packaged, the seller MUST place the FULLY COMPLETED "Firearms Transfer Form" (page 4 of the "Importing Information package") in an envelope and affix it to the outside of the box, beside the shipping label. If this "Firearms Transfer Form" is not placed in an envelope and taped next to the shipping label, the package may be REFUSED at our FFL Dealer.



i.  Get the tracking # (Courier or US Post) from the Seller and follow your tracking to ensure your parcel is delivered to our FFL Dealer.

NOTE: It is your responsibility that the product gets from your Seller's location to our FFL Dealer. We are not responsible for products that don't show up at our FFL Locations.

NOTE: If you are tracking your shipment and it is not delivered on the first attempt, keep tabs on the tracking # to make sure that it is delivered in the following couple days. 

NOTE: Once your parcel is delivered to our FFL Dealer it is then our responsibility, and we will call you when your package arrives at Prophet River. We will not give you updates of the location or processing status of your import, as this is nearly impossible when importing multiple, 200+ product shipments.

NOTE: Remember that it is now 4 - 8 weeks for your import to get from our FFL Dealer to Prophet River, Lloydminster. Please refrain from calling or emailing for a status update before 10 weeks has passed since the arrival of your product at our FFL Dealer.



i.  Failure to fill out this form may result in an extra $50 fee.